IF… Your team is being outscored by the Badgers

THEN.. Your team is in trouble. Big Trouble. Depth deciding the league at the moment.


Gators Attempt to Redefine ANZAC Spirit

Reports are trickling in that the Gator's head coach has begun a petition to redefine the meaning of ANZAC day. The petition, posted on /https://www.change.org/p/australia-lest-we-forget-1904, simply reads "Lest we Forget 1904". Readers might be initially fooled into thinking this is to raise awareness about the oft overlooked Russo-Japanese war between 1904-1905, which historians agree was … Continue reading Gators Attempt to Redefine ANZAC Spirit

Round 3

Vipers should get the win this weekend which will take them to 2 and 1. It is hard to make a case for Niall's Badgers in this matchup. Playing the reigning premiers with 2 players down and averaging a poultry 1130.5 ppg, this would be the BIGGEST upset in our UKLs short history if the … Continue reading Round 3