Just over 24 hours until the next round begins and we still do not have results from last week. Why isnt the commish being held accountable? I was docked for the smallest thing ever and now here we sit with the wrong ladder. Interesting that the vipers won and jero doesnt wanna change it so … Continue reading Dock


Change is required

Its 1115 on a Tuesday and kim jong un jnr has not updated the scores from the weekend. What the fuck is he doing?! Happy to pull the trigger willy nilly on docking teams picks but lacks his duty in updating the site.


It has come to my attention that the league is enjoying my absence in the chat since I was unfairly booted. I no longer want to be added to the chat baring mid season drafts and will seek to sell the scorpion franchise in 2018 for final handover by round 1 2019

Gators Attempt to Redefine ANZAC Spirit

Reports are trickling in that the Gator's head coach has begun a petition to redefine the meaning of ANZAC day. The petition, posted on /, simply reads "Lest we Forget 1904". Readers might be initially fooled into thinking this is to raise awareness about the oft overlooked Russo-Japanese war between 1904-1905, which historians agree was … Continue reading Gators Attempt to Redefine ANZAC Spirit