2016 UKL AA Draft Picks

Position Field Bench Def Howe Rich Biggs Stretch Fantasia Cutler Mid Ross Curnow Dal Santo Mills Dunkley Parish Blakely Rucks Roughead Stanley Phillips Fwd Hall Lyons Wells Bird Gray Wright UKL AA team for best picks of the year. To qualify a player must have been drafted as a free agent this year and not … Continue reading 2016 UKL AA Draft Picks


UKL 2016 Best 22, 22* and Under

*24 for rucks because they’re just so damn old. Position Field Bench Def Docherty Laird Williams K Kolodjashnij Yeo Fantasia     Mid Coniglio Wines Viney B. Crouch Cripps Macrae M. Crouch   Rucks Gawn (VC) Grundy   Lycett Fwd Merrett (C) Hunter Bontempelli Kelly Adams Greene   23 seems to be a big breakout … Continue reading UKL 2016 Best 22, 22* and Under

UKL 2016 All Australian Squad

Position Field Bench Def Shaw Simpson Docherty Laird Boyd Kelly     Mid Dangerfield (C) Treloar Neale Pendlebury Parker Hannebery Rockliff   Rucks Gawn Grundy   Goldstein Fwd Merrett (VC) Riewoldt Martin Zorko T.Mitchell Hunter   Shaw leads a largely ageing AA defence. Only Boyd (102.2) averaged higher than Shaw (101.8) but Shaw managed to … Continue reading UKL 2016 All Australian Squad