2018 Preseason Predictions

2018 Pre Season highlight - Wolverines & Jackals trade Wolverines engineered one of the single worst trades in UKL history. Fact. Somehow convincing himself that moving his existing draft picks forward by three (yes three) spots each would add material value to his team, coach Nicholas then traded Tom Rockliff and Lance Franklin, arguably two … Continue reading 2018 Preseason Predictions


Game over?

Whilst its only round 2, there are already seasons on the line. To assure yourself of a finals spot in August, you need to hunt for a final H&A record of 12-6. 2015 - 4th and 5th were both 11-7, separated only by percentage 2016 - 4th spot (Rines), finished the year 12-6   12-6 … Continue reading Game over?

2017 3rd Place Prediction – Jackals

Jackals  Place: 3rd (Last year finished 5th)   Predicted Average: 1737 Injuries and suspensions were the Jackal’s worst enemies in 2016. Bennell, Hurley and Ryder missed the entire season. Shiels, Sidebottom and McVeigh also suffered untimely injuries that curtailed the beginning of the Jackal’s season. Similarly, a few Jackals again begin 2017 under injury clouds … Continue reading 2017 3rd Place Prediction – Jackals

2017 6th Place Prediction – Wolverines

Wolverines  Place: 6th (Last year finished 4th) Predicted Average: 1701 While the capitulation of their ageing backline hasn’t been as spectacular as expected the writing has been on the wall for the ‘Rines. At the end of 2016 Bartel retired and Mundy missed out on defender status so the Wolverines look like they have non-committedly … Continue reading 2017 6th Place Prediction – Wolverines

2017 7th Place Prediction – Outlaws

Outlaws  Place: 7th (Last year finished 10th) Predicted Average: 1683 The Outlaws were the big winners in the pre-season draft for me after being massive, dumb, ugly, smelly losers in 2016. They locked away, McGrath, who could be the first Heppell/Ellis type defender this league has seen in a draft, with pick 1. Roughy then slid … Continue reading 2017 7th Place Prediction – Outlaws

2017 8th Place Prediction – Barbarians

Barbarians  Place: 8th (Last year finished 7th)   Predicted Average: 1670  The Barbs received one of the softest draws in 2016 especially in the first half of the year which helped them finish 7th. They have improved their side overall but Naitanui is a tough loss to cover and Outlaws and Gators have leapfrogged them … Continue reading 2017 8th Place Prediction – Barbarians