Gators Attempt to Redefine ANZAC Spirit

Reports are trickling in that the Gator’s head coach has begun a petition to redefine the meaning of ANZAC day.

The petition, posted on /, simply reads "Lest we Forget 1904". Readers might be initially fooled into thinking this is to raise awareness about the oft overlooked Russo-Japanese war between 1904-1905, which historians agree was one of the main preludes to WW1, but upon closer inspection it appears the Gators have tactlessly piggybacked on this tragic event in a shameless signature grab. The petition description reveals that the "1904" in the title actually refers to score the Gators achieved this week in UKL. The Gators have certainly been chirpy recently but this is a case of their arrogance crossing the line.

When the Integrity Officer of the UKL, Nicholas Oakley, was contacted in regards to the allegatortions he refused to provide comment because "it wasn’t Marty or Paul so he didn’t give a f**k".

Pictured below: Aaron’s big head asking tourists whether they’re aware that "1904 is a UKL league record"


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