Round 3

Vipers should get the win this weekend which will take them to 2 and 1. It is hard to make a case for Niall’s Badgers in this matchup. Playing the reigning premiers with 2 players down and averaging a poultry 1130.5 ppg, this would be the BIGGEST upset in our UKLs short history if the Badgers recorded a win.

The Ducks just win as Aaron pointed out in a previous post. This week should be no exception. The Barbarians have played 1-2 players down each round so far and that just makes it harder for the Barbarians to get the W.

The Wolverines will play 1 player down this week. Rhys Stanley is the man who is dropped from the Cats line up this weekend. As Barrett said in Sliding Doors, signs are not looking good for him if he’s getting dropped this early in the season. Rhys Stanley will be the sole reason why the Wolverines will go 0 wins and 3 losses and put an end to any attempt of making the top 4. Rebuild will begin in the 1st trade period this year.

Dan Hannebery has given up the drink but the Scorpions have found a way to win in both rounds with the captain scoring nowhere near where he should. The Outlaws coach rates his team too highly and there isn’t enough depth to beat the Pions’. Scorpions 3-0 Outlaws 0-3.

Match of the round between the Pual’s Titans and Aaron’s Gators. Both have a full team and Jared Tallent all over the field. I couldn’t choose a winner so I have flipped a coin. Gators win, Titans lose. Finals over for Titans


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