Good call/bad call – Rd2

Hutchy Gazza
The Barbs have the 3 best players in the league Don’t get ahead of yourself call. Treloar aka ‘the butcher’ cant hit a target on his opposite foot. Grundy is the sole ruckman in a team with a rolls Royce midfield yet the Pies sit 0-2 and equal 10th for centre clearances.

And Merret has the haircut of an awkward pubescent teen. What’s with that?

Great call!

Trio of Treloar, Merrett and Grundy score better and are younger than their contemporaries

It’s finally happened, the Rines are finished Let’s celebrate call! Team doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going. A mini-rebuild on the cards Early call.

If they don’t recover to at least 4-4 by the first mid-season break, it’ll be time to hit reset

Titans have been ultra-unlucky since winning the flag in 2015 No such thing as luck call. You make your own luck in this game. Good call, too players have lost too many things call!

Swan (lost in the Jungle)

Boomer (lost to the ammos)

Ablett (lost interest)

Ceglar (lost ACL)

The UKL coaching fraternity has lost their bants Harsh call. This isn’t a rock up with a hangover half an hour before & smoke a dart at 3qtr time bullshit amateur league. If you’re here primarily for the banter, smell you later. Fantastic call! Where are the wagers and belittling comments call!  Lack of bants is home

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