Gators Attempt to Redefine ANZAC Spirit

Reports are trickling in that the Gator's head coach has begun a petition to redefine the meaning of ANZAC day. The petition, posted on /, simply reads "Lest we Forget 1904". Readers might be initially fooled into thinking this is to raise awareness about the oft overlooked Russo-Japanese war between 1904-1905, which historians agree was … Continue reading Gators Attempt to Redefine ANZAC Spirit


Round 3

Vipers should get the win this weekend which will take them to 2 and 1. It is hard to make a case for Niall's Badgers in this matchup. Playing the reigning premiers with 2 players down and averaging a poultry 1130.5 ppg, this would be the BIGGEST upset in our UKLs short history if the … Continue reading Round 3