Game over?

Whilst its only round 2, there are already seasons on the line. To assure yourself of a finals spot in August, you need to hunt for a final H&A record of 12-6.

  • 2015 – 4th and 5th were both 11-7, separated only by percentage
  • 2016 – 4th spot (Rines), finished the year 12-6


12-6 is the benchmark people, anything less and you’re relying on luck to get yourself into the August jamboree.

Whilst the losers of round 1 are no doubt licking their wounds, winning teams can hardly sit by and congratulate themselves. Each team is only a short skid of losses away from denting or ultimately blowing their finals chances.

Losers from round 1 / teams already under the spotlight include Badgers (realistically rebuilding year anyway); Outlaws (expected to rebound this year); Vipers (defending champions); Titans (decorated career); and Rines (made finals both years).

Interestingly, a few August jamboree regulars might be at risk of missing the dance at the conclusion of round 2.

Doubly interestingly, is that each matchup this week is a case of winner vs loser. Will we see the unlikely scenario of half the ladder being 2-0 vs the other half of the ladder at 0-2?

Starting 0-2 isn’t doomsday, but you leave yourself a huge task, going 12-4 the rest of the H&A if you want to lock in a desirable and finals bound 12-6 record.

Starting 0-2 isn’t panic stations, but leaves you at risk to starting the year 0-3, at which point it’s practically…

Joffa + Game over





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