2017 Sliding Doors

Team If Then
Badgers Masten and Cunnington are battling it out for the mantle of M3. It’s going to be a long year.
Barbarians The Barbarians didn’t have such an outstanding track record at going early on players Baily Williams at pick 14 would have copped a lot more shit. Time will tell.
Ducks Fans want to see a Keeper premiership down at the Duck Pond 2017 is likely to be one of their last remaining chances. Pendles, Priddis, Shaw and Stef aren’t getting any younger.
Gators Holding the most rucks meant premiership success the Gators would be back to back champs. However it doesn’t. And if a premiership isn’t delivered soon, fans will demand answers of the recruitment team.
Jackals Ben Ainsworth was the best available forward at pick 6 for a team arguably in ‘win now’ mode Well… I’m not sure he was
Outlaws You believe a ruck division of Lobb, McKernan and Clarke will make your team competitive You are a highly, highly delusional individual. And that’s without even looking at the backline.
Scorpions You believe that Scrimshaw and Witherden are quality picks at 18 and 33 Good for you. Highly likely neither would have been taken in the rookie draft let alone the main. But again, good for you.
Titans In the face of all logic, reasoning and facts, you still believe your team will be competitive in 2017 We admire your resolve. Mountain Goat Steam Ale at the end of season wind up please.
Vipers By their own admission, 2016 brought the Vipers a flag a year too early Will anything other than a GF appearance in 2017 be considered a failure? The bar has been set.
UKL There is a position in any other organisation with less power, authority and purpose than that of the Integrity Officer in the UKL Well I highly doubt there is.

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