The second part of the survey collected responses from the Coaches with regards to how they saw the season and their thoughts on 2017. Split into two tables for readability. Still looks shite.


Best pickup Worst Delisting Team highlight

Biggest regret

Badgers Josh Dunkley Matthew Wright Preseason and post season. That’s where the Badgers shine brightest. Blowing my load on Sheridan
Barbarians Jesse Hogan Nick Graham Having a few unexpected wins against good teams early on in season Not getting rid of Shaun Atley sooner
Ducks Jordan Roughead James Aish Finishing top of the ladder after the home and away season not winning a final
Gators Mills/Daniel Cripps or Darling.. No obvious mistakes Thinking I had scored 1880 Miscalculating my 1880 score. Wasn’t even close.
Jackals Not trading out Zac Williams Caleb Daniel
Outlaws Seb Ross Jordan Roughead Securing pick #1 Winning a second game and therefore not being afforded a priority pick
Scorpions Jacob Hopper Jeremy McGovern laying the competition to waste with a scorching start to the year before a midseason trip to sweden flipped the season on its head the trip to sweden (awesome trip – but im blaming my fantasy fortunes changing on it)
Titans Jeremy Howe Jarryd Roughead Winning straght through to GF and avoiding the prelim final stress Dropping Roughy instead of Swan
Vipers Hall Maynard Winning the premiership No regrets but Heeney could hurt down the track
Wolverines Not sure See: Outlaws Rocky’s 183 as captain Not picking up Dean Towers earlier



Coach Favourite moment 2016 Expectations vs Reality 2017 Expectations Say whatever
Badgers Josh shouting pizzas. What a guy! Anything better than last is outperforming expectations. Need to see some improvement from players and O’Meara to return to stop anchoring the ladder. 7-8th If I’m being optimistic. ***Missing***
1  Midfield
If found please deliver to the Badgers
Barbarians Trading in Hogan and Jack Martin Over performed early on and as season wore on, injuries took over and didn’t score well therefore didn’t win. I probably finished higher than expected 6th or 7th to be precise. Don’t have the worst team but not having Naitanui playing hurts. Still expect overall improvement Barbarians is the place to be
Ducks finishing top of the ladder Thought I would have been there or thereabouts. Would have taken a prelim final at the start of the year. To actually win a final Hope my players can stay injury free for 2017
Gators Snagging Daniel in the first mid-season draft, already conceded he wouldn’t be available at pick 3. Another howler from Outlaws Based on the final ladder position, under performed. Probably about par in terms where I sat for total points scores Make finals/ be in contention very late in the season **insert phat background beats**
I need a ruck ruck, a ruck is what I need
Hey hey
Well I need a ruck ruck, a ruck is what I need
Hey hey
And I said I need ruck ruck, a ruck is what I need
And if I share with you my story would you trade your ruck with me
Jackals Unlucky with injuries, team is ageing so need some luck soon If I can enter the year with a healthy squad (Bennell), top 4. Premiership chances hinge on Bennell, will make a +30 weekly difference from last two years.
Outlaws Matty Jaensch calling it a day Bang on 4th – 6th So good. ‘Bad Boi 5’ back next year. Hello finals.
Scorpions Dipper getting trade raped of his only player with any dynasty value in hogan and generally getting under jero and co’s skin every inane comment at a time. Underperformed massively. Scorpions weere a lock for the title after getting robbed by the sub rule(a rule that doesnt even exist this very day!) and all was going as expected and then… bam!  a trip to sweden derailed that.  No trips to sweden booked for this season as of now. Lookout. Top half finish Scorpions rule
Titans Rines still failing to win a final Expected Top 3 Fuck im good at this
Vipers Scorpions free fall (second to 6th) Over performed Premiership Big Max is a god who carried the Vipers to premiership glory
Wolverines When I sent Boomer to the kerb and picked up Dean Towers We performed within reasonable expectations. Largely from an extensive long term injury list. I would have liked to have gone further in the finals, but you need luck on your side to win. I think I will contend again. An argument will be made that the rines will slide, but this is 12 months premature in my opinion. My team is superior to that is of your team.

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