Vipers 2016 UKL Premiers

Vipers 2016

A big congratulations and fuck you to the Vipers who are the 2016 UKL Premiers. After finishing fourth the Vipers couldn’t afford to make any mistakes and they certainly didn’t by eliminating the Wolverines and Ducks before eventually denying the Titans (1777 vs. 1670) back-to-back premierships. Well done Jero. Not sure that the winnings will cover the promised end of season trip to Vegas but I’m sure the coach has found a way for the boys:

Player Pts Position
Kade Kolodjashnij 28 B
Liam Picken 137 B
Jamie Macmillan 125 B
Matthew Broadbent 71 B
Grant Birchall 77 B
Joel Selwood 102 M
Callan Ward 88 M
Luke Shuey 90 M
Sam Mitchell 70 M
Shaun Grigg 78 M
Nick Dal Santo 120 M
Shane Mumford 73 R
Max Gawn (C) 105 R
Robbie Gray 112 F
Steven Motlop 120 F
Aaron Hall (VC) 100 F
Craig Bird 74 F
Nick Riewoldt 102 F
Matthew Suckling 0 B
Ben Keays 51 M
Zac Smith 44 R
Taylor Walker 80 F
Nick Malceski B
Curtly Hampton B
Hamish Harlett M
Toby McLean B
Josh Caddy M
Majak Daw (Rookie) R
Mason Wood F
Jackson Thurlow (Rookie) B

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