2016 UKL AA Draft Picks

Position Field Bench
Def Howe Rich Biggs Stretch
Fantasia Cutler
Mid Ross Curnow Dal Santo Mills
Dunkley Parish Blakely
Rucks Roughead Stanley Phillips
Fwd Hall Lyons Wells Bird
Gray Wright

UKL AA team for best picks of the year. To qualify a player must have been drafted as a free agent this year and not been on the same list in the previous draft period. This is far more subjective than the previous two lists and Adam might be wondering why all his draft picks aren’t in this list so suggestions welcome.

Howe, Rich, Biggs and Fantasia are automatic inclusions. Culter and Stretch narrowly pip Bugg, Sheridan, Lonergan and Maynard as the backline clearly continues to cause headaches for coaches.

Surprisingly slim pickings in the midfielders this year. Ross exceeded all expectations to become a starter for the Outlaws. Curnow somehow averaged 102 for the year. Dal Santo provided handy coverage for the Vipers and will at least finish his career as a UKL premiership player. Dunkley, Parish, Blakely and Mills all showed promising signs and were even required to contribute during the year. Mills will be a defender next year as an added bonus for the Gators. Stiff to miss out were Oliver, Gresham, Mathieson and Acres.

Ducks did well to stash Roughead away at the start of the year. Stanley also provided Jackals with handy contributions at times this season. After being overlooked all year Barbarians nabbed Phillips in the final draft. If trades counted then Lobb would surely make it on this list.

Hall slipped to the Vipers in the initial draft and they’d have no regrets after his excellent season. Lyons and Gray improved after a slow and shaky starts to cement themselves in the best 22. Wells bounced back and Jackals will be hoping he continues that form in 2017. Wright capitalised on his lifeline at Carlton and Bird enjoyed success at the Vipers. Unlucky to miss out was Caleb Daniel but it seems there are a plethora of good forward options.

Distribution of players per team is as follows:

  • 4 – Titans
  • 3 – Badgers, Gators, Outlaws, Jackals, Vipers
  • 2 – Ducks
  • 1 – Barbarians
  • 0 – Wolverines, Scorpions

Not a poor reflection on the Wolverines and Scorpions that they don’t have a player on this list considering the mature and relatively settled nature of their lists. Some coaches obviously filled their list requirements through trades this year which don’t feature. ‘Rines and Scorps do still suck though.


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