4th Place Prediction


 Place: 4th

(Last year finished 2nd)

Predicted Average: 1715

Scorpions were one of the coaches hurt the most by the Essendon saga considering their ladder position. The loss of Heppell has been counteracted by the recruitment of Goddard but unfortunately this is really only treading water for the Scorpions. Greene earning forward status might make up for his disappointing 2015 but the talent at GWS will prevent him and Devon Smith from playing serious midfield minutes.

Breakout Player – Sam Mayes (Hah!) Jeremy McGovern

Dom Sheed was here until he tore his pec flexing in the WAFL. Duncan and Yeo are the obvious ones but Duncan has already posted good scores in the past and Yeo looks like he’s struggling. McGovern should push towards an 80 average this year if he gets to be the Eagle’s swingman. His marking is too good to be ignored and McKenzie’s return will free him up. Expect scoring to be inconsistent but also expect Marty regret parking McGovern on the rookie list.

Time to Slide – Scott Thompson

The biggest biceps in the AFL defied father time last year to average 97. He won’t do it again especially not with the development of Grigg, M Crouch, B Crouch and the plethora of flankers at Adelaide stealing midfield time.

Make or Break – Mark Blicavs

Rucks are such a precarious position in our league. Kreuzer could easily go down with another injury while Witts is stuck playing VFL and when that happens you’d want a sure thing sitting in your number one ruck position. Unfortunately, I’m not sure Blicavs will maintain the lofty heights he achieved in 2015 (increased his average by 35!). Geelong have recruited dedicated rucks that have forced Blicavs onto a wing. He hasn’t adapted well so far and I think he’ll regress on his average by ten or so points.

That’s a Bold Strategy Cotton, Let’s See If It Pays Off For ‘Em…

Scorpions selected Rosa with their first pick in the 2015 round 9 draft. We were all mocked by the Scopions coach for letting Rosa slip to 10. As Scorpions predicted Rosa earned defender status in 2016 (likely out of pity) however, his scoring at Gold Coast looks mediocre and it will only be a matter of time before he succumbs to another injury. This is not the defender you are looking for.


2016 will be a mixed bag for the Scorpions. They have some players with room for improvement (B Smith, Yeo, Duncan, and Greene) but also players ready to slide away (Enright, Riewoldt, Thompson, Murphy, and Johnson). Depending on which happens first will determine how successful they are. Scorpions have relatively even contributors across each position which is both a blessing and a curse because there is no obvious area to prioritise for improvement. Nevertheless, Scorpions will continue to seek one sided trades with the rest of the coaches throughout the season. Also, Hannebery is so solid you forget about him.



Defence 5th

Midfield 6th

Ruck 4th

Forwards 7th


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